Improve Total Site Efficiency With Daily Crane Insights

Cranetime’s reporting system keeps contractors, construction managers, and crane crews better organised with detailed monitoring of tower crane operations providing detailed reports to support future decisionmaking with crane planning and operations.

Review Crane Operations & Pre-Empt Future Roadblocks

Visualise actual crane activities day by day using a simple and dynamic interface. Dig deeper into specific crane operation statistics and gain a clearer picture of where delays and roadblocks are occurring and how to de-risk those issues in going forward.

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View Historical Crane Performance Results

Easily review the full life cycle of construction tower cranes and quickly analyse performance statistics to determine lessons learned and support better site planning for future crane operations. Full reporting at your fingertips for all construction sites.

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Understand Contractor Performance & Disputes

Generate reports to quickly assess individual contractor performance with comprehensive activity logging tools. Identify common on-site contractor problems and create a plan to mitigate future issues. Pinpoint best performing contractors as well as those contributing most frequently to critical path delays.

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Identify Top Crane Operators

All crane operator activity is logged for reporting, allowing common crane operator problems to be easily identified and plans created to avoid future reoccurrence. Recognise who top performing construction tower crane operators are and identify those most frequently associated with delays.