The Industry’s Most powerful Crane Management app For Construction Sites

Cranetime is a dynamic all-in-one construction tower crane management tool that delivers greater accountability, efficiencies, productivity, and utilisation for crane operations

Cranetime is a patented software application for the global construction industry, providing real time crane scheduling, crane activity logging, and decision-making support tools for on-site actuation and optimization of crane operations.

Cranetime was established in 2013 by founder, Tom Fraser, and in response to industry demand for an all-in-one crane management solution that would better support the increasing complexities and demands of today’s multi-level, high-density construction projects, including intricate and tightly filled crane site layouts, growing on-site contractor numbers, and mounting pressure from primary contractors to reduce critical path delays associated with tower crane planning and utilisation.

“Cranetime strives for excellence across all crane site operations, from planning and rotating logistics of crane picks through to analysis of historical performance data.

This is the future of crane operations management..”

Tom Fraser - Founder

Onsite Optimisation Of crane Operations

Cranetime gives contractors, project site coordinators, and crane operators and owners, ultimate control and transparency over crane operations, project critical paths, and ultimately, construction budgets.

Lift Your Crane Operations to The Next Level

Cranetime is the world’s most exciting new crane operations management software creating more efficient, productive, safe and profitable outcomes for construction projects

Cranetime supports primary contractors, construction managers and site managers, crane companies and crane operators alike to fulfil both simple and complex tower crane job requests safely and efficiently, on time and on budget.

Extraordinary Capabilities Delivered in One Small App

Cranetime is an affordable, intuitive and highly responsive crane management APP designed specifically for the worldwide construction industry. Accessible 24/7 on pc, laptop, tablet and other mobile devices, Cranetime supports crane crews and construction teams to:

  • Simply and efficiently manage competing crane lift requests and job schedules
  • Easily book crane lifts without risk of double up
  • Accurately record and quickly view crane utilisation data
  • Instantly share last minute changes to crane schedules with crane crews and construction teams
  • Get building materials loaded and unloaded quickly and safely
  • Ensure project accountability across the entire reporting line
  • Identify immediate and potential risks to project critical paths
  • Identify top performing crane operators
  • Better understand contractor performance
  • Deliver an improved crane service scheduling sequence